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Right Antibiotic. 
Right Time.


Cytecom has created a groundbreaking approach to diagnosing bacterial infections. 

Ensuring the correct antibiotic is prescribed every time. 

The Problem

The Problem

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) poses a severe global health threat, rendering common infections harder to treat and increasing risks of severe illness or death.


This resistance leads to prolonged hospital stays, higher healthcare costs, and increased mortality.


Immediate global action is needed to improve antibiotic stewardship and develop new antimicrobials and diagnostic technologies.

 One of the 
TOP 10

global public health threats facing humanity


By 2050 
10 M
deaths could be caused by superbugs

annual cost of AMR in Europe


Cytecom's Technology

Cytecom have developed groundbreaking technology that can detect viable bacteria in under one minute.


Cytecom measure bacterial viability using a patented method of optical electrophysiology, a combination fluorescent microscopy and electrical stimulation. 

Samples are imaged and electrically stimulated simultaneously.

The response to this stimulation is distinctive between living and dead bacterial cells.

Simply put, living cells get brighter, dead cells get dimmer, in less than a minute.


Meet the Team 

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Contact Us


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